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NBC Evening News for
Friday, Aug 08, 1975

Headline: 51st State

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(Studio) Report on sections of Michigan and Wisconsin that are trying to create 51st state.

(Lansing, Michigan) Talk occurs with regard to breaking off part of Michigan and Wisconsin to form state of Superior. Legis. formed committee to study idea; similar study in Wisconsin. Map shows proposed merger. People in upper Michigan feel too much of taxes goes to Detroit. [President 51st state committee Theodore ALBERT - says Michigan government treats N. Michigan like foreign cntry.]
REPORTER: Bob Jamieson

(Minocqua, Wisconsin) People complain of taxes going to support poor urban school districts in south [Town treasurer Larry BOSACKI - says people here getting ripped off.] [Mayor Richard HERRICK - says taxed without representative] Upper Michigan has timber and mining. North Wisconsin is tourist area. 51st state could be financed by legalized gambling.
REPORTER: Bob Jamieson

(Michigan) [Senator minority leader Bob DAVIS - says not economy feasible or political practical.] [51st state committee John GLABSER - says it can work.] Situation brings attention to people who feel neglected.
REPORTER: Bob Jamieson

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Program Time:05:53:20 pm - 05:57:10 pm. Duration: 03:50
Reporters:Hart, John; Jamieson, Bob
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:484742