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NBC Evening News for
Wednesday, Oct 13, 1976

Headline: Swine Flu Vaccine / Deaths / Investigation

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(Studio) Officials say there's no connection between swine flu shots and deaths of 14 elderly people who took them; however, immunization clinics in 9 states and some local areas have closed temporarily.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(DC) Samples of vaccine used at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, flown to National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, where tests on them being conducted. [National swine flu program director Dr. Delano MERIWETHER - says there's no reason to associate vaccine itself with deaths. Says investigators must give accurate evaluation of situation.] Many people concerned with safety of vaccine; one of government scientists who researched vaccine, Dr. J. Anthony Morris, says it's not safe. Morris was fired by FDA; reasons, accding. to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and to Morris, noted. [MORRIS - cites reasons he objected to vaccination program.] Govt. hasn't changed recommendation that all over 18 years old should get shot.
REPORTER: Carole Simpson

(Studio) Doctors now investigating possibilities with regard to relation of immunization to deaths.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Investigations of 2 CDC (Centers for Disease Control) doctors and officials in Pittsburgh noted. Tests at Allegheny Cnty., Pennsylvania, coroner's office also cited. Major theory is heart attacks of 3 victims caused by stress and tension of inoculation procedure. [Cnty. coroner Cyril WECHT - says theory doesn't explain enough.] Officials hope for answer by end of week, but don't expect it.
REPORTER: Eric Burns

(Owosso, Michigan) Michigan authorities investigating possibility that fatal heart attacks in 3 men caused by vaccine. Death of Paul Aikens cited. [Neighbor Judy PUTNEY - says death was surprise.] Doctors say Aikens died of heart attack; investigation conts. [Medical examiner Dr. John LYONS - says vaccine is new and they're looking for something that hasn't been found; that perhaps triggered heart attack.] Until investigation results in, Michigan swine flu vaccination program is suspended.
REPORTER: Brian Ross

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Program Time:05:37:30 pm - 05:43:00 pm. Duration: 05:30
Reporters:Brinkley, David; Burns, Eric; Chancellor, John; Ross, Brian; Simpson, Carole
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:485716