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NBC Evening News for
Wednesday, Aug 11, 1976

Headline: Campaign 1976 / Republican Convention / Buckley

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(Studio) New York Senator James Buckley says he'll allow his name put in nomination for President if it will "free-up" convention If Buckley got certain number of votes, 1st-round victory wouldn't be possible for Ford or Reagan. Ford supporter tries to talk Buckley out of move; Reagan's forces not displeased as Reagan could gain from further balloting.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(NYC) Buckley says has left door open for group of Reagan supporters to place his name in nomination so that neither Ford nor Reagan will get 1st-round nomination [BUCKLEY - feels there are people on both sides who may want to vote for other side.] Buckley will decide this wkend. about nomination. If name entered, it could make all present delegate counts meaningless.
REPORTER: Brian Ross

(Studio) Reagan forces say Buckley's move not stop-Ford plot by their people. North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms says he urged Buckley to enter race, but without Reagan's knowledge.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(Kansas City) Reagan people deny any part in Buckley move, though campaign manager John Sears says had heard of move on Monday, but didn't know reason and denies campaign chairperson Senator Paul Laxalt talked with Buckley before this afternoon. [SEARS - says he has no knowledge of Laxalt talk with Buckley nor has he or Reagan talked to Buckley.] Sears says he's not disappointed as move will probably hurt Ford more than Reagan.
REPORTER: Don Oliver

(Studio) NBC News poll of 30 New York delegates with regard to Buckley move noted. Other reactions noted.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Kansas City) Head of Buckley movement is Reagan delegate North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms who doesn't like Schweiker Vice President pick. He says now Reagan forces mad at him. [HELMS - says he's getting hard looks from some of Reagan people. Notes Reagan's reaction.] Richard Rosenbaum says if Buckley doesn't stop, he might lose state party's enthusiasm for Buckley's Senator reelection. [ROSENBAUM - told Buckley to withdraw.]

(Studio) Reagan and Ford forces both think Buckley nomination will take votes from other. Ford Press Secretary Ron Nessen says that really clinches nomination for Ford.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

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Program Time:05:30:20 pm - 05:36:20 pm. Duration: 06:00
Reporters:Brinkley, David; Chancellor, John; Hart, John; Oliver, Don; Ross, Brian
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Record Number:489475