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NBC Evening News for
Wednesday, Mar 23, 1977

Headline: Supreme Court / Miranda Ruling

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(Studio) Supreme Court overrules murder conviction of Iowa man in 5-4 decision based on controversial Miranda rule with regard to defendant's rights, which was instituted by Court of Earl Warren. Dissent of Chief Justice Warren Burger cited.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(DC) Case involves kidnap and murder of Pamela Powers on Christmas Eve, 1968; Powers taken from Des Moines YMCA and body left beside road near Mitchellville, Iowa, allegedly by mental patient Robert Williams. Police promised Williams' attorney they'd not question him on ride to Des Moines, but did because Williams allegedly asked girl be given decent burial and took them to body. [Retired police detective Cleatus LEAMING - would have done same again up till today.] Justice Potter Stewart reads ruling; Burger reads emotional dissent.
REPORTER: Carl Stern Artist: Betty Wells (WHO-TV tape)

(Studio) Anchor asks if man will go free.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(DC) Man to be held 60 days while state files new case; other evidence of guilt cited.
REPORTER: Carl Stern

(Studio) Anchor asks if states won't try again to relax Miranda rule.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(DC) States can try again, but this case had all desired elements for trying to do so now. Carter won't appoint any conservatives, so it's unlikely ruling will change.
REPORTER: Carl Stern

(Studio) Anchor notes President can control court
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(DC) Nixon appointee Lewis Powell and Ford appointee John Paul Stevens played major roles in decision.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(Studio) Iowa attorney general's comment with regard to police interrogation noted; anchor asks reporter's reaction.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(DC) Reaction cited.
REPORTER: Carl Stern

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Program Time:05:30:10 pm - 05:34:30 pm. Duration: 04:20
Reporters:Brinkley, David; Chancellor, John; Stern, Carl
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:492781