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NBC Evening News for
Thursday, May 19, 1977

Headline: Carter / Singlaub

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(Studio) President Carter orders Major General John K. Singlaub to report to White House immediately, from post as 3rd in command of United States troops in South Korea. Singlaub has been quoted saying Carter plan for withdrawal of United States troops from South Korea could lead to war.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(DC) Carter 1st read quote in "Washington" (DC) "Post"; called Defense Secretary Harold Brown to order Singlaub back to US. Deputy president secretary Rex Granum won't say if Singlaub to get reprimand, but notes Carter policy with regard to withdrawal of troops has already been stated.
REPORTER: Judy Woodruff

(DC) Singlaub's military background gives no indication as to why he made statement; speculation noted.
REPORTER: Charles Quinn

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Program Time:05:30:10 pm - 05:32:00 pm. Duration: 01:50
Reporters:Chancellor, John; Quinn, Charles; Woodruff, Judy
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:493633