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NBC Evening News for
Monday, Aug 29, 1977

Headline: New Jersey Mass Murder-Suicide Incident / Reaction

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(Studio) Mass murder-suicide in Hackettstown, New Jersey, over wkend. noted. One victim and murderer are buried today.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Hackettstown, New Jersey) Report on reaction to incident by townspeople. At Mick and Heddy's Luncheonette, people continue to talk about it. [TEDDY - says it's like something that happens elsewhere.] [Heddy's son BOB - went to school with murderer; notes he was tough guy, but never thought he'd do something like this.] Changes in recent years in town noted, include coming of M and M Candy factory. Even newcomers like John and Jane Mastreone, are startled by incident; Mastreones moved here from NYC. [John MASTREONE - notes New York City crime problems; shows it can happen anywhere.]
REPORTER: Robert Hager

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Program Time:05:51:10 pm - 05:52:50 pm. Duration: 01:40
Reporters:Chancellor, John; Hager, Robert
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:495157