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NBC Evening News for
Friday, Jan 06, 1978

Headline: Minnesota / Power Line / Farmers' Protest

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(Studio) Minnesota farmers' concerns with regard to power lines running through fields noted.

(Pope Cnty., Minnesota) Report on farmers' protest over power line now under construction that will carry more power than any other in state. Song written in protest of line played. Concerns with regard to power line' s potential health hazards noted. [United Power Association spokesperson Philip MARTIN - cites difficulty in proving safety with tests.] Question of people like John Tripp as to why state government will allow line to go over fields, but not over state wildlife preserves or over school bus stops, stated. [TRIPP - says it's tip-off that line not safe for people or animals.]

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Program Time:05:39:20 pm - 05:41:30 pm. Duration: 02:10
Reporters:Hart, John; Kur, Bob
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:496090