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NBC Evening News for
Sunday, Apr 02, 1978

Headline: Carter / For. Trip / Nigeria / Rhodesia Meeting

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(Studio) President Carter's plans in attempt to convene meeting among ptys. in dispute over Rhodesia's future noted; remarks are made during stop in Nigeria. Ptys. involved in dispute include Ian Smith, moderate black leaders and leaders of Patriotic Front.
REPORTER: Jessica Savitch

(Lagos, Nigeria) President Carter and Nigeria's General Obasanjo are both Baptists; Carter's attendance with Obasanjo at Baptist church in Lagos reported [CARTER - prays.] Carter's activities of day include talks with Obasanjo, tour of new port facility called Tin Can Island and state dinner. Joint communique statements with regard to opposition to recent Rhodesian major rule plan detailed. Is mentioned that Ian Smith's reaction to this will depend on South Africa's reaction to United States plan for major rule in Namibia. National security adviser Brzezinski's remarks on United States position with regard to economy sanctions against South Africa reported Outcome of Carter visit to Nigeria outlined.
REPORTER: Judy Woodruff

(Studio) Carter's trip to Liberia on Monday and flight back to United States noted.
REPORTER: Jessica Savitch

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Program Time:05:45:30 pm - 05:48:40 pm. Duration: 03:10
Reporters:Savitch, Jessica; Woodruff, Judy
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:498423