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ABC Evening News for
Wednesday, Aug 10, 1977

Headline: Packer / Agriculture Department Squabble

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(Studio) Alfred E. Packer made history century ago; is now center of controversy between 2 government establishments.
REPORTER: Barbara Walters

(DC) Packer was convicted of cannibalism in 1874; was Rocky Mt. guide, who apparently ate 5 of customers. Some Agriculture Department employees become disgruntled with cafeteria food and put up plaque dedicating place to Packer. Head of group is Stan Weston. Someone from General Services Administration takes plaque down. [WESTON - says plaque will be put up again, with more permanent holding methods.] Squabble among bureaucrats over matter noted. Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland says Packer's life exemplifies spirit and fare of cafeteria.
REPORTER: Don Farmer

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Program Time:05:54:20 pm - 05:56:00 pm. Duration: 01:40
Reporters:Farmer, Don; Walters, Barbara
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:49851