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NBC Evening News for
Thursday, Apr 27, 1978

Headline: West Virginia Construction Accident

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(Studio) Construction accident at St, Marys, West Virginia, noted.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Saint Marys, West Virginia) Details given about collapse of scaffolding around top of power plant cooling tower under construction and resulting deaths. [Paramedic Randy SPENCER - describes scene after accident.] Cause not yet known.
REPORTER: Charles Quinn (WTAP-TV newstape Parkersburg, West Virginia)

(Henry's Camp Road, West Virginia) Report on reaction of residents of Henry's Camp Road, West Virginia, where many lost relatives in accident. Losses within the Steele family noted; number of relatives lost by Lee Steele cited. [Steele family MBRS. - talk about family situation.]
REPORTER: Robert Hager

(Studio) Report of government safety agency responsible for such inspections that tower had never been inspected noted.

(DC) Details given with regard to OSHA statements on inspection of building site and tower, according to spokesperson Don. MacKenzie.
REPORTER: Tom Pettit

(Studio) West Virginia disaster compared to Southgate, Kentucky, nightclub fire in 1977.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

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Program Time:05:30:20 pm - 05:34:50 pm. Duration: 04:30
Reporters:Chancellor, John; Hager, Robert; Hart, John; Pettit, Tom
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:498538