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NBC Evening News for
Monday, Apr 03, 1978

Headline: Carter / For. Trip / Nigeria and Liberia / Rhodesia and South Africa

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(Studio) President Carter's departure from Nigeria for Liberia noted. His statements with regard to South Africa attitude on major rule for Southwest Africa (Namibia) and concerning conference of all sides in Rhodesia question, include new coalition government headed by Ian Smith, reported.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Monrovia, Liberia) Greeting for Carter in Liberia by President William Tolbert noted. Secretary of State Vance's acknowledgement of reluctance of Smith government to participate in conference on Rhodesia stated. Carter's remarks directed to South Africa about Namibian self-rule detailed. Liberia's founding by freed American slaves mentioned. Carter's comments with regard to USSR and Cuban presence in Africa cited. [CARTER - notes colonist nature of many African ntns. until recently. Cites United States respect for world ntns. and opposition to reestablishment of colonialism in any form.] Public welcome for Carter during motorcade to Monrovia described. Outcome of Carter foreign tour cited.
REPORTER: Bob Jamieson

(Studio) Upcoming visit to South Africa by United States and British diplomats and rejection of Carter plan for conference on Rhodesia by leaders of 2 groups in Ian Smith's coalition government noted.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Studio) Carter's passage through number of small villages on way into Monrovia reported.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(Bron, Liberia) Report on preparations in village of Bron for passing of Carter motorcade.
REPORTER: Fred Briggs

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Program Time:05:30:20 pm - 05:35:30 pm. Duration: 05:10
Reporters:Briggs, Fred; Brinkley, David; Chancellor, John; Jamieson, Bob
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:498580