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NBC Evening News for
Wednesday, Jun 20, 1979

Headline: Nicaragua / Reporter's Murder

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(Studio) Murder of ABC News reporter Bill Stewart by Somoza government troops reported.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(Managua, Nicaragua) Details of Stewart's and his interpreter's murder given; tape of his-murder shown. [Reporter Al DALE - says Stewart was a cautious person.] Stewart's murder reported following period of intense anti-American propaganda broadcast on state-owned radio station; anti-US sentiments of crowd at Red Cross station shown, radio broadcast quoted. President Anastasio Somoza quoted with regard to bias of United States reporters against him. Call for investigation of murder by ABC News stated.
REPORTER: Sandy Gilmour

(Studio) Reaction to killing by State Department cited.
REPORTER: David Brinkley

(DC) Presence of 3 Nicaraguan officials at State Department and United States reaction to Stewart's murder noted. [Nicaraguan vice president Luis PALLAIS - expresses regret at incident.] Secretary of State Cyrus Vance said expected to ask for Soinoza's resignation in speech tomorrow to foreign mins. of OAS; details given.
REPORTER: Richard Valeriani

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Program Time:05:30:10 pm - 05:34:20 pm. Duration: 04:10
Reporters:Brinkley, David; Gilmour, Sandy; Valeriani, Richard
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:504788