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NBC Evening News for
Wednesday, Nov 05, 1980

Headline: Campaign `80 / Elec. / Reagan Administration

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(Studio) Low voter turnout discussed; Associated Press estimate noted.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Los Angeles, California) California meeting today of George Bush and Ronald Reagan noted; films shown. [REAGAN - discusses victory, Iran hostage crisis.] Chief of staff Ed Meese reported announcing transition team of Henry Jackson, Richard Stone and Edward Bennett Williams; foreign policy adviser Richard Allen reported rejoining Reagan staff. Allen recalled leaving campaign recently due to allegations that he abused his position with Nixon administration for personal gain. Reagan's general transition plans outlined. [MEESE - comments.]
REPORTER: Chris Wallace

(DC) President and Mrs. Carter's departure for Camp David for post-elec. vacation shown, discussed; presence of cnsl. Charles Kirbo noted. Earlier press conference outlined; his remarks on Iran hostage crisis, Edward Kennedy's earlier candidacy, economy, Reagan, own administration's accomplishments outlined. White House photograph shown. Carter quoted.
REPORTER: John Palmer

(Studio) Various theories for election's outcome noted.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Milwaukee, WI) Reagan's appeal to ethnic groups and general factors in his victory examined; results of recent NBC News-AP poll outlined on screen for individual issues, groups. Films, photos shown.
REPORTER: Tom Pettit

(Studio) John Anderson's showing in election and implications with regard to his campaign debts reported.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

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Program Time:05:36:00 pm - 05:42:40 pm. Duration: 06:40
Reporters:Chancellor, John; Palmer, John; Pettit, Tom; Wallace, Chris
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:508161