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NBC Evening News for
Wednesday, May 27, 1981

Headline: Reagan Administration / Graduation Addresses

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(Studio) Report introduced
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Studio) Crux of graduation day speeches at various United States military academies by Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger Vice President George Bush and President Reagan reported.
REPORTER: Roger Mudd

(West Point, New York) Reagan's remarks here outlined. [REAGAN - says era of self-doubt is over.] His statements on arms control talks, military pay raises detailed. [REAGAN - outlines desired improvements in armed services.] Reagan's opposition to draft registration mentioned; his and Nancy Reagan's meeting with James Cagney noted, shown.
REPORTER: Judy Woodruff

(Studio) Weinberger's speech at United States Air Force academy quoted; Bush's reiteration of admin.'s pro-mil. message at Annapolis cited. [BUSH - can't tolerate attacks on United States military] Statistics related to Naval Academy's graduation class this year listed.
REPORTER: Roger Mudd

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Program Time:05:34:00 pm - 05:37:00 pm. Duration: 03:00
Reporters:Chancellor, John; Mudd, Roger; Mudd, Roger,; Woodruff, Judy
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:517027