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NBC Evening News for
Saturday, Oct 15, 1983

Headline: Colorado / Anti-Nuclear Demonstration

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(Studio) Report introduced
REPORTER: Connie Chung

(Denver, Colorado) Anti-nuclear demonstration at Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant as show of support for US-USSR freeze on nuclear warhead product examined; films shown. [PROTESTERS - feel govts. have to recognize extent of public opposition.] Past demonstrations here, site of plutonium triggers for nuclear bombs, recalled. Concern among demonstrators that reaction to USSR downing of Korean airliner would diminish size of protest noted apparently unfounded.
REPORTER: Roger O'Neil

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Program Time:06:36:30 pm - 06:38:20 pm. Duration: 01:50
Reporters:Chung, Connie; O'Neil, Roger
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:526914