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NBC Evening News for
Monday, Oct 21, 1985

Headline: Tennessee / Midwifery

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(Studio) Report introduced
REPORTER: Tom Brokaw

(Del Rio, Tennessee) Midwife Etta Nichols profiled; scenes shown. [NICHOLS - describes necessary attributes for midwife; believes birthing should occur in the home.] [Sandra KELLY - praises home births.] [Dr. Robert RABBITT - notes dangers involved in midwifery.] Econ. necessity of using midwife for many noted. [Nurse Lynne SMITH - cites Nichols' econ. attractiveness to many.] Wanda McCarter's experience with Nichols mentioned.
REPORTER: Kenley Jones

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Program Time:05:55:00 pm - 05:58:10 pm. Duration: 03:10
Reporters:Brokaw, Tom; Jones, Kenley
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:540336