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ABC Evening News for
Thursday, Jul 20, 1978

Headline: Bourne Affair Resignation / Quaalude

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(Studio) President adviser Dr. Peter Bourne's resignation, in wake of his admission to signing drug prescription for fictitious person, noted.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(DC) Details of Bourne's resignation letter to President Carter given; sections quoted. [BOURNE - has right to express outrage at situation. Probably made mistake in using false name on prescription, but that seemed best to do at time. Idea that criminal intent was involved is absurd.] Continuing official investigation noted. Details given of White House handling of affair, which is compared to Bert Lance affair.
REPORTER: Sam Donaldson

(DC) Details given about Quaalude, drug that Bourne prescribed. Popularity in drug culture of 1970's described; films shown. Addictive nature and dangers of drug stated; is noted it is on government list of tightly controlled drugs for which there is medical use, along with cocaine.
REPORTER: Bettina Gregory

(Studio) Upcoming Carter news conference and coverage noted.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

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Program Time:05:00:40 pm - 05:04:10 pm. Duration: 03:30
Reporters:Donaldson, Sam; Gregory, Bettina; Reynolds, Frank
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:54799