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NBC Evening News for
Friday, Mar 13, 1987

Headline: Montana / Religious Cult

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(Studio: Garrick Utley) Report introduced.

(Gardiner, MT: Roger O'Neil) Town's reaction to plans for world headquarters here of California cult, Church Universal and Triumphant, examined; details given, scenes shown. [Cult spokesperson Ed FRANCIS - dismisses town's fear of them.] [Resident Richard PARKS - explains no longer trusting sect.] [Govt. geochemist Dr. Irving FRIEDMAN - explains government's concern over cult's tapping of underground geothermal springs.] Proximity of Yellowstone National Park noted. [Park superintendent Robert BARBEE - wants to protect park's fauna.] [Cult leader Elizabeth Clare PROPHET - wants same freedom cult affords town.] [RESIDENTS - fear becoming another Antelope, OR; want cult to leave.]

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Program Time:05:48:00 pm - 05:51:20 pm. Duration: 03:20
Reporters:O'Neil, Roger; Utley, Garrick
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:555117