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NBC Evening News for
Monday, Aug 03, 1987

Headline: Iran/Contra Hearings / Conclusion

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(Studio: Tom Brokaw) Final day of Iran/Contra hearings with Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger's concluding testimony noted. [Representatives Louis STOKES, Dick CHENEY, Lee HAMILTON, Senator Dan. INOUYE - offer personal reactions to hearings.] Senator William Cohen quoted.

(DC: John Dancy) Moral poles of Iran/Contra hearings as defined by Colonel Oliver North and Representative Lee Hamilton discussed; scenes shown. [NORTH - admits lying to Congress] [HAMILTON - questions viability of democrat system without exec. branch's honesty with Congress] Specifics of operation revealed during hearing and ethical implications for country's system considered. [John POINDEXTER - defs. lying.] [NORTH - considered scheme a "neat idea."] Covert arms deals of General Richard Secord (ret.) and partner Albert Hakim and profits they realized from operation reviewed. [Former chief of staff Don. REGAN, Secretary of State George SHULTZ - describe their lack of information on scheme.] Question as to role of late CIA director William Casey noted remaining unanswered. [NORTH - claims Casey wanted to create "CIA within CIA."] Implications should Poindexter's claim that President Reagan knew nothing be true considered. [POINDEXTER - accepts responsibility for operation.] [Voice of Senator Paul SARBANES - equates situation to junta within United States government] [Fawn HALL - justifies actions by need to act outside written law at times.] [NORTH - blames Congress] [Senator Warren RUDMAN- notes American people have constitutional right to be wrong.] [Senator George MITCHELL - cites possibility of American disagreeing with North and still being patriotic.] [HAMILTON - comments.]

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Program Time:05:30:10 pm - 05:37:50 pm. Duration: 07:40
Reporters:Brokaw, Tom; Dancy, John
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:558028