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NBC Evening News for
Saturday, Jan 02, 1988

Headline: Great Britain / Nuclear Accident

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(Studio: Connie Chung) Release of documents revealing cover-up of nuclear accident in England in 1957 by then prime minister Harold Macmillan reported Report introduced.

(London, England: Stephen Frazier) Operations in nuclear plant in Sellafield, England, that suffered damages from fire in 1957 featured; details given, historical film shown of area's response to radiation released by fire. Suppression of report on incident by Macmillan recalled. [Nuclear analyst Walter PATTERSON - says public morale could have been affected if report released.] Defense of cover-up reported [British Atomic Energy Authority spokesperson Dr. John GITTUS - says public confidence in nuclear energy should not have been risked.] Contents of documents detailed. [Representative Gerry SIKORSKI - says report could have led to safeguards.] Issue of development of nuclear plants in Britain and possibility of other cover-ups noted.

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Program Time:05:49:20 pm - 05:52:00 pm. Duration: 02:40
Reporters:Chung, Connie; Frazier, Stephen
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:558820