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NBC Evening News for
Friday, Jan 08, 1988

Headline: Winter Storm

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(Studio: Tom Brokaw) Report introduced.

(DC: Robert Hager) Snow damage in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Alabama, featured; details given, scenes shown. [MAN - says flight cancelled.] Washington, DC shown covered in snow. 1987 Washington, DC snowstorm reviewed. Federal government noted being too cautious about snow. [MAN - says amount of snow insignificant.] President Reagan shown leaving for Camp David. [WOMAN - says day terrible.] Scenes from Boston, Massachusetts, and Winston- Salem, North Carolina, shown.

(Studio: Tom Brokaw) Report introduced.

(DC: Douglas Kiker) Paperboy Victor Aragan shown working in Washington, DC snow. [Voice of ARAGAN - says pay is worth effort.] Atlanta, Georgia, mailman shown working. NYC's Staten Island ferry shown operating. Washington Redskins shown practicing. Truckers Linda Davis and Darlene Warner shown driving through South Georgia.

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Program Time:05:32:10 pm - 05:36:50 pm. Duration: 04:40
Reporters:Brokaw, Tom; Hager, Robert; Kiker, Douglas
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:559099