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NBC Evening News for
Friday, Apr 29, 1988

Headline: Oakland, California / Drug War

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(Studio: Tom Brokaw) Report introduced.

(Folsom, California: John Hart) Scenes from E. Oakland drug lord Felix Mitchell's funeral shown; details given. [BOYS - say Mitchell died in style.] Oakland drug trade featured. [Gerald LEE - comments on drug profits.] [Curtis LEE - says chose to attend school.] [School principal Leenell JENNINGS - comments on odds of Oakland child leading crime-free life.] [Mother Evelyn LEE - comments on raising sons.] Curtis Lee noted basketball player with future. [Gerald LEE -comments on brother] Gerald Lee shown with his children. [Curtis LEE - says tried to help brother] high school noted filled with gangs and violence. [STUDENTS - comment on HS.] Curtis Lee and friend shown going to school authorities and convincing them that action had to be taken. [In 1984, Curtis LEE - describes high school situation.] high school noted cleaned up. [JENNINGS - praises Curtis Lee.] [Curtis LEE - testifies in court with regard to gun in car.] Curtis Lee noted involved in shooting; prosecutor quoted. [Evelyn LEE - comments on son's participation in crime.] [Assistant principal Carole EVANS - says Curtis Lee in wrong place at wrong time.] Lee shown taken to Folsom prison; sentence given. Bro. Gerald Lee reported killed in auto crash while police chasing him. Curtis Lee shown in prison; parole date given. [Judge Benjamin TRAVIS - says Lee could become victim of system.] [Late brother Gerald LEE - comments on living with criminals.] [Voice of Curtis LEE - expresses dreams for future.] [JENNINGS - says there are many who could end up like Curtis.] [Curtis LEE - says never thought would be in prison.]

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Program Time:05:52:30 pm - 05:58:10 pm. Duration: 05:40
Reporters:Brokaw, Tom; Hart, John
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:561980