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NBC Evening News for
Sunday, May 08, 1988

Headline: Sunday Journal (Mingo County, West Virginia, Politics)

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(Studio: Garrick Utley) Report introduced.

(Mingo Cnty., West Virginia: Ken Bode) Local pols. in Mingo Cnty., West Virginia, featured. [Disc JOCKEY - talks about corruption here and introduces Jimmy Wolford's song "I Hate to See a Friend Go to Jail."] Song played and scenes shown in attempts of clean up corruption in Mingo Cnty. Tuesday's primary elecs. previewed; scenes shown of campaign posters. ["Williamson Daily News" editor Wally WARDEN - says it will be unique election] [Larry HAMRICK - says you had to be part of org. to be elected; lists fees for buying political ofcs.] [Assistant United States attorney Joe SAVAGE - explains bribery system during old elecs.] [US attorney Mike CAREY - says vote-buying won't be tolerated.] Stmt. from convicted former sheriff Johnny Owens that Republican Governor Arch Moore shipped cash to county Democrats quoted. [OWENS - describes bribery efforts of Moore.] Denial by Moore, now governor again, of Owens' chgs. reported; photograph shown. [WARDEN - assumes Moore made deal with Democrats in 1972.] Cand. Claude Hatcher shown campaign; Wolford shown singing his song.

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Program Time:05:47:00 pm - 05:51:50 pm. Duration: 04:50
Reporters:Bode, Ken; Utley, Garrick
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:562633