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NBC Evening News for
Monday, Jun 26, 1989

Headline: Med.: AIDS / Drugs / Compound-Q

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(Studio: Mary Alice Williams) FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reported approving use of two drugs to treat AIDS-related illnesses. Report introduced.

(Studio: Robert Bazell) Drug Compound-Q, extracted from Chinese cucumber root, reported being used by group of AIDS activists involved in "Project Inform." AIDS patient Robert Barnett noted vol. in study that is not being conducted by FDA. [Group leader Martin DELANEY - comments.] [Nurse Jim CORTI - comments on smuggling drug out of China, PR.] [Study vol. Tandy BALLOU - comments on side-effects of Compound-Q.] One participant reported dying as result of Compound-Q. [Dr. Al LEVIN - comments on vol. to help record data.] FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reported refusing to comment on unofficial Compound-Q experiment.

(Studio: Mary Alice Williams) General Accounting Office reported predicting number of new AIDS cases; FDA commissioner Frank Young quoted.

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Program Time:05:34:50 pm - 05:39:00 pm. Duration: 04:10
Reporters:Bazell, Robert; Williams, Mary Alice
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:569242