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NBC Evening News for
Friday, May 26, 1995

Headline: The Fleecing of America (Merchant Fleet)

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(Studio: Giselle Fernandez) Report introduced.

(New Orleans: Mike Boettcher) The huge cost at taxpayer expense to prop up America's merchant fleet of riverboats featured. [Former Maritime Commissioner Rob QUARTEL - says the industry cannot compete.] The ancient and unfair practices of "cargo preference" to United States flagships over the merchant fleet outlined. [Port of New Orleans director Ron BRINSON, sea CAPTAIN, Masters, Mates and Pilots Union Chuck NORFLEET, Citizens Against Government Waste Leslie PAIGE - comment on the unfair advantage of cargo preference and high cost to United States taxpayers.]

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Program Time:05:43:00 pm - 05:46:10 pm. Duration: 03:10
Reporters:Boettcher, Mike; Fernandez, Giselle
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:606363