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ABC Evening News for
Friday, Oct 17, 1980

Headline: Reagan-Carter Debate

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(Studio) October 28 said set as date for Reagan-Carter debate, in Cleveland, Ohio. John Anderson's absence noted. Debate said sponsored by League of Women Voters. [Ronald REAGAN - is eager for debate.] [Jimmy CARTER - is pleased.]
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(DC) League of Women Voters' efforts with regard to 3-way debate recalled. [September 9, Ruth HINERFELD - says Anderson invited to participate in whole series. Anderson said first include due to 15% poll showing. "Los Angeles Times" poll today showing 16% for Anderson, ABC-Louis Harris poll showing 14% noted. Gallup said showing 8%. Carter absence from September 21 Baltimore debate recalled. Scenes shown. October 28 debate said critical.
REPORTER: Charles Gibson

(Chicago, Illinois) Reagan's stance with regard to debate considered. James Baker's attitude toward debate noted. Reagan slip in some imp. cities cited. [BAKER - on telephone, denies polls prompted change in Reagan attitude toward debate.] Flattening-out of Reagan campaign in Midwest and big industrial cities noted. Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan said toss-ups. Reagan campaign scenes shown. Late dvts., such as possible hostage release, said also factor in Reagan debate attitude. Women's vote said also sought. Their fear of Reagan's alleged recklessness mentioned. Risks considered.
REPORTER: Barry Serafin

(DC) Carter's pleasure with regard to debate and his desire for free-wheeling format reported [CARTER - wants unstructured debate. Believes debate imp.] Format of debate considered. Reagan's weaknesses noted.
REPORTER: Sam Donaldson

(Studio) ABC News said to carry debate October 28.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

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Program Time:05:30:10 pm - 05:35:30 pm. Duration: 05:20
Reporters:Donaldson, Sam; Gibson, Charles; Reynolds, Frank; Serafin, Barry
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:62685