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ABC Evening News for
Tuesday, Apr 22, 1980

Headline: New Jersey / Chemical Fire

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(Studio) Fire at chemical waste dump in Elizabeth, New Jersey, noted spreading fumes over New Jersey and Stanton Island, New York
REPORTER: Max Robinson

(Elizabeth, New Jersey) Details of fire examined; films shown. Precautions taken in area due to toxic fumes noted; site recalled considered clear and present danger more than a year ago. ABC "Close-Up" documentary, "The Killing Ground", recalled; details given, films shown. Dump noted owned by Chemical Control Corp., headed by William Carracino. [1979, CARRACINO - describes ease with which chemical dump can be opened.] State environmental authorities said unable to remove all chemicals since closing Carracino's dump in 1979. [EPA spokesperson Jim MARSHALL - comments.] No. of similar sites throughout United States mentioned.

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Program Time:05:22:30 pm - 05:24:40 pm. Duration: 02:10
Reporters:Brown, Bob; Robinson, Max
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:65156