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Headline: Nightline

Date:Oct 25, 1983 (Tuesday)
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  • ABC "Nightline" - Live discussion re: US invasion of Grenada and the Beirut situation, including an ABC news poll re: Grenada invasion, reported by Ted Koppel, Jack Smith, Barry Serafin, Jeff Greenfield.
  • Participants: Kenneth Dam, Eugenia Charles, Paul Tsongas, Charles Modica, Bobby Inman, Sally Shelton, Seymour Weiss.
  • Taped statements by Edward Seaga, Ronald Reagan, Eugenia Charles, Mark Barattella, Daniel Moynihan, Malcolm Wallop, George Shultz.
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    Program Time:11:31:00 pm - 12:39:40 am. Duration: 01:08:40
    Middle East
    Shultz, George
    Reagan, Ronald
    Anchors: Koppel, Ted
    Reporters:Smith, Jack; Serafin, Barry; Greenfield, Jeff
    Participants:Inman, Bobby
    Seaga, Edward
    Dam, Kenneth
    Reagan, Ronald
    Charles, Eugenia
    Barattella, Mark
    Moynihan, Daniel
    Wallop, Malcolm
    Shultz, George
    Tsongas, Paul
    Modica, Charles
    Shelton, Sally
    Weiss, Seymour
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    Broadcast Type:Special Program Segment Type: News Content
    Program Headeryes
    Program Length68:40 (Entire broadcast)
    Video Begin:: am
    Record Number:656934