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ABC Evening News for
Wednesday, Oct 28, 1981

Headline: Special Assignment (CIA and Nicaragua)

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(Studio) Cuba reported criticizing Secretary of State Alexander Haig for alleged remark concerning Fidel Castro's deployment of Cuban troops in Nicaragua; State Department reaction noted.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(DC) United States involvement in Nicaragua examined; films, photos shown. Presence of Special Forces member Michael Echanis and Joe Camp described. [Zbigniew BRZEZINSKI - explains their roles in Nicaragua.] Info. garnered backing up allegation that Camp and Echanis were acting with full knowledge of Special Forces examined; role of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Beckwith explained. Camp noted disappearing in Nicaragua in 1978 while Echanis and others allegedly died in mysterious plane crash; details given. [Pat ECHANIS - believes son died working for United States government] House Intelligence Committee, FBI and Justice Department said investigating extent of Army-CIA involvement in Nicaraguan-like scheme in Libya.
REPORTER: William Sherman, Artist: Gerald Andrea

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Program Time:05:50:50 pm - 05:54:00 pm. Duration: 03:10
Reporters:Reynolds, Frank; Sherman,, William
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:68687