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ABC Evening News for
Friday, Dec 26, 1980

Headline: Iran / Hostage Crisis

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(Studio) Algerian diploments reported seeing all US hostages in Iran; broadcasts of filmed messages by some of the captives noted released by Iranians today.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(No Location Given) Iranian film of hostages' Christmas celebration shown, discussed. [Hostages Lt. Cmdr. Robert Englemann, Barry ROSEN, Steven LAUTERBACH - comment.] Specifics of film discussed. [Hostages Bruce GERMAN, Jerry MIELE, Sgt. Paul E. LEWIS, Philip WARD, William F. KEOGH, Robert ODE, Bert C. MOORE, Cpl. Steven KiIRTLEY, Joseph M. HALL, William E. BELK - send messages to families.] Questions raised by film discussed; actions of hostage Donald Cooke and Philip Ward noted. John Graves, Gregory Persinger, William Royer, Jr. and Thomas Schaefer reported seen in film as well. Hostages reported identified in film but not heard from: Richard Morefield, Regis Ragan, Charles Scott, Donald sharer and John McKeel, Jr. [Hostages Elizabeth SWIFT and Kathryn L. KOOB - send messages to families.]
REPORTER: Charles Gibson

(Studio) Iranians reported sending only partial broadcast today; details given. Upcoming item announced.
REPORTER: Max Robinson

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Program Time:05:30:30 pm - 05:39:50 pm. Duration: 09:20
Reporters:Reynolds, Frank; Gibson, Charles; Robinson, Max
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:712778