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Nightline: Border Crossing

Headline: Nightline: Border Crossing

Alternate TitleNightline
Date:Jul 14, 2004 (Wednesday)
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  • Live discussion with Ted Koppel (ABC), Rep. Tom Tancredo, and Mexico President Vicente Fox former advisor Juan Hernandez re: issues related to US policies toward illegal immigrants from Mexico.
  • Taped segment with Mike Cerre (ABC), President George W. Bush, Andy Adame of the US Border Patrol, Reverend John Fife‡, Luis Ortega‡, Douglas (AZ) Mayor Ray Borane, Southeastern Medical Center Dr. Jeremy Wray, Greg Pivirotta of University Medical Center, BORSTAR Commander Kelly Kirby, Border Patrol pilot Greg Abner, and unidentified others.
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    Program Time:11:38:00 pm - 12:07:00 am. Duration: 29:00
    Anchors: Koppel, Ted
    Reporters:Cerre, Mike
    Participants:Tancredo, Tom
    Hernandez, Juan
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    Broadcast Type:Special Program Segment Type: News Content
    Program Headeryes
    Program Length29:00 (Entire broadcast)
    Video Begin:: am
    Record Number:759619