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NBC Evening News for
Sunday, Nov 21, 2004

Headline: Middle East / Israelis vs. Palestinians / Powell Visit / Shawish

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(Studio: John Seigenthaler) The arrival of Secretary of State Colin Powell for his last official visit to the Middle East shown.

(Ramallah: Ron Allen) An interview held with most-wanted Palestinian Khaled Shawish‡, who is in hiding, presented; scenes shown from inside Palestinian Authority president Yasir Arafat's bombed-out Ramallah headquarters & from last week's funeral in Gaza for Arafat; details given about his role in the armed militancy. [SHAWISH - {thru translator} says we must continue the resistance against Israel; states he is still a soldier.] [Security analyst Alon BEN-DAVID†- outlines the first challenge for a new Palestinian government.] [Israeli Joyce BOIN‡- calls for the terrorists/murderers to be brought to justice.]

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Program Time:05:49:50 pm - 05:52:50 pm. Duration: 03:00
Reporters:Seigenthaler, John; Allen, Ron
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:772144