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ABC Evening News for
Thursday, Aug 26, 1982

Headline: New York City / Gangland Murder

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(Studio) Report introduced
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(DC) Apparent gangland murder of Nathan Masselli, son of William "Billy the Butcher" Masselli, admitted soldier in Genovese crime family noted; FBI said taping conversation between father and son discussing Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan's attendance at 1979 Super Bowl as guest of Mafia chief Genovese. Special prosecutor Leon Silverman noted discussing matter with Nathan Masselli last May before issuing report clearing Donovan of criminal activity. Silverman said reopening investigation due to new allegations against Labor Secretary Masselli noted 2nd witness murdered in case; June murder of Fred Furino recalled. Silverman's reaction to murders mentioned.
REPORTER: Bettina Gregory

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Program Time:05:50:00 pm - 05:51:20 pm. Duration: 01:20
Reporters:Gregory, Bettina; Reynolds, Frank
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:79816