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ABC Evening News for
Thursday, Jan 20, 1983

Headline: Dorfman Murder

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(Studio) Chicago, Illinois, murder of Allen Dorfman, allegedly linked with organized crime and Teamsters Union, in gangland style execution as he prepared for prison sentence imposed after Teamsters bribery-conspiracy trial involving Senator Howard Cannon reported.
REPORTER: Max Robinson

(Chicago, Illinois) Dorfman's murder examined; films shown. Associate Irwin Weiner mentioned with Dorfman at the time. [Police ofr. Jerry ACCIARI - describes scene.] [Ofr. John JANACEK - notes implications of killing.] Possibility that Dorfman was killed because organized crime feared his cooperation with government prosecutors considered. [Crime commission spokesperson Patrick HEALY - thinks mob killed him.] [US attorney Dan. WEBB - claims Dorfman never offered info.] Outcome of last month's Teamsters bribery-conspiracy conviction recalled.
REPORTER: Ron Miller

(DC) Prosecutors said planning on presenting evidence of Dorfman's longstanding mob ties in next month's hearings; his association with Jimmy Hoffa and Teamsters Union recalled. Photos shown. Recent efforts of government and union to sever Dorfman's link with union's pension funds discussed; probable cause for Dorfman's murder noted.
REPORTER: Barry Serafin

(Studio) Tonight's "Nightline" announced.
REPORTER: Max Robinson

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Program Time:05:38:20 pm - 05:41:50 pm. Duration: 03:30
Reporters:Miller, Ron; Robinson, Max; Serafin, Barry
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:80766