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CNN Evening News for
Monday, Sep 25, 2006

Headline: Military / Recruiting Sex Scandal

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(Studio: Anderson Cooper) Allegations that military recruiters raped or sexually assaulted young female recruits introduced.

(Monroe, New York: Randi Kaye) The joint investigation into the military sex scandal presented; details given about one specific rape case involving now-imprisoned recruiter Shedrick Hamilton†; statistics on the AP study of sexual misconduct with recruits cited; details given about other cases of recruiters assaulting potential enlistees & about how recruiters have free access to schools due to the No Child Left Behind law. [Victim & mother Jill & Trish GIUNTA†- recount what happened to Jill, who was raped by a sergeant.] [Associated Press Martha MENDOZA†- lists the number of misconduct cases.] [In prison, HAMILTON - comments on getting into the wrong situation.] Statement from the Defense Department quoted.

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Program Time:09:26:10 pm - 09:32:50 pm. Duration: 06:40
Reporters:Cooper, Anderson; Kaye, Randi
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:839647