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CNN Evening News for
Saturday, Oct 07, 2006

Headline: Organized Crime / "Ice Man" Kuklinski / A Discussion

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[From HBO’s “The Iceman Interviews,” imprisoned mafia hitman Richard KUKLINSKI†- says he is a person’s nightmare.]

(Studio: Carol Lin) Live discussion held with “The Ice Man” author Philip Carlo† and widow Barbara Kuklinski† about Kuklinski; family photos & home movies shown. [CARLO – recounts 2 explanations for Kuklinski’s nickname; talks about Kuklinski’s torture chamber and vile activities; outlines his abuse of his wife; describes Kuklinski’s dual nature.] [B. KUKLINSKI – explains why she didn’t know her husband was a killer; describes the impact of her past on her life now.]

† = spelling on screen; †† = spelling verified
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Program Time:09:50:00 pm - 09:56:40 pm. Duration: 06:40
Reporters:Lin, Carol
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:845842