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ABC Evening News for
Monday, Apr 22, 1985

Headline: Herbalife Scam (Part I)

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(Studio) Report introduced
REPORTER: Peter Jennings

(Los Angeles, California) Controversy over Herbalife diet scam and pyramiding sales structure examined; films shown. [SALESPEOPLE - give testimonials.] Company's economy growth since 1980 outlined on screen; Senator, House and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) noted all investigating Herbalife. Canadian government and California attorney general mentioned both suing company [Founder and president Mark HUGHES - denies Herbalife is scam.] Hughes' lack of education and promotion of product based on "Dr." Richard Marconi's claims discussed; Marconi noted receive his Ph.D. through mail order course from unaccredited school. [MARCONI - defs. profit.] [Nutritionist Dr. Sheldon MARGEN - notes lack of dietary effectiveness of Herbalife ingredients; thinks product bilks public; cites potential for harm.] [Sue ROHRKE - explains suing Herbalife after using prod.] Herbalife said primarily laxatives and diuretics with potential of potassium deprivation. [HUGHES - defs. product]

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Program Time:05:43:10 pm - 05:46:30 pm. Duration: 03:20
Reporters:Jennings, Peter; Rose, Judd
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:95659