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Special News Broadcast recorded from PBS Evening News for Wednesday, Jun 15, 1988

Title: Frontline: The Defense of Europe


The future of the US commitment to the NATO alliance is reviewed in five segments. Hosted by Judy Woodruff.

A look at the men that are NATO’s first line of defense in Europe against the Soviets. With interviews of Captain Michael Dwyer, Lt. General John C. Woodmansee Jr., General Boleslaw Izydorczyk, Colonel Thomas White, SP4 Julian Kimbrough, PFC Brian MacKenzie, SP4 David Davis, Major Thomas Beeson, Heath McLaughlin, Lt. Colonel Ralph Jennings, Captain Jeff Paulk, Lieutenant Joan Fontaine, and Major Ferenc Kovacs.

An examination of European civilian fears and their affect on NATO. With interviews of Reinhand Sczech, Jutta Dahl, Helmut Schmidt, Beate Klarsfeld, and Volker Ruhe.

Discussion on the “tank gap,” the difference in Soviet and NATO forces. With interviews of Major General Glenn C. Mallory, Joshua M. Epstein, Lt. Col. Doug MacFarland, Lutz Unterseher, Phil Peterson, and Barry Possen.

Politics in Europe and in the US over the NATO alliance. With interviews of Richard Burt, Frank C. Carlucci, Christoph Bertram, Sen. Carl M. Levin, Helmut Schmidt, and Lord Carrington.

A report over the dilemma of nuclear strategy by Strobe Talbit.

Begin Time:09:00:00 am
End Time:09:58:30 am
TVN Record Number:904412
Copyright:Abstract and Metadata (c) 1988-2009 Vanderbilt University
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