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Special News Broadcast recorded from ABC Evening News for Tuesday, Nov 28, 1995

Title: Nightline: Psychic Spies


  • Live discussion with Ted Koppel (ABC), former CIA Director Robert Gates, former CIA Technical Advisor identified as "Norm", and former ESP Project Director Edwin May re: the use of people claiming to have the ability of Extrasensory Perception (ESP) as a resource for law enforcement and government intelligence gathering agencies.
  • Taped segment with Michael Guillen (ABC), May, psychic spy Joe McMonical, former Defense Intelligence Agency Project Stargate Director Dale Graff, customs official William Green, psychologist Ray Hyman, and Professor Jessica Utts.

  • Begin Time:11:36:00 pm
    End Time:12:06:00 am
    TVN Record Number:647979
    Copyright:Abstract and Metadata (c) 1995-2009 Vanderbilt University
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