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The Database of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive

Since its inception in 1968, the editorial staff of the Vanderbilt University Television News Archive have created listings, summaries and descriptions of the news broadcasts in the collection. This material has been incorporated into a database that not only provides access to the video content available in the archive, but that also serves as a unique reference tool for studying historical and political events.

Searching. TV-NewsSearch provides powerful searching capabilities. Keyword searches can be performed against the titles and descriptions. You can query all the networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS) at once, or select individual networks. By default, all years of available material are searched, but specific dates can be used to limit the results. Boolean operaters, such as AND, NOT, and NOT, can be used to create precise searches. Searches can also be limited by date, and broadcast type (regular evening news or special broadcasts), and reporter. You can choose whether to include commercials in your search results. Options are availble for sorting results either in chronological or reverse chronological order.

Evening News Broadcasts. We provide detailed information about each of the 30,000 Evening News Broadcasts that have been preserved by the Archive. Concise summaries explain the content of each segment of the broadcast. Typical information includes the names of anchors and reporters, names of persons involved in the event reported, and a summary of the event. Each discrete segment of the broadcast is described separately, with beginning and ending times noted. A complete listing of the broadcast can easily be displayed.

Special News Broadcasts. Since its inception in 1968, the Archive has taped Political conventions, Presidential press conferences, political campaign coverage, and national and international events such as the Watergate hearings, the plight of American hostages in Iran, the Persian Gulf war, and the Terrorist Attack on the United States, and ABC's Nightline. Over 8,000 hours of this type of material is available. The database contains listings for each event, though these are not described to the level of detail as the Evening News Broadcasts.

The database includes over 1084814.0 records describing items of news content. About 8,000 of these records list the special news broadcasts in the collection; the remainder represent concise abstracts of regular evening news programs.

All material in the Television News Archive database can be searched.