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CBS Evening News for
Friday, Feb 12, 1999

Headline: Clinton / Impeachment / Senate Trial / Acquittal


(Washington: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Capitol Hill: Bob Schieffer) Senate acquittal of President Clinton on both counts of impeachment featured. [Chief Justice William REHNQUIST - asks if Clinton is guilty; reads the verdict.] [Representative Henry HYDE - says independent counsel Kenneth Starr should not seek a criminal trial for Clinton.] [Senator Tom HARKIN - says the process was carried out properly.] [Senate majority leader Trent LOTT - describes the problem with a censure resolution.]

(Washington: Dan Rather) Clinton's reaction to the acquittal verdict reported. [CLINTON - says he is profoundly sorry; says he is humbled; says it is time to get back to work.]

(White House: Scott Pelley) Details about the White House reaction to the final day of the trial and the verdict reported; an e-mail apology from Clinton to the White house staff noted.

(Washington: Dan Rather) Activities of Vice President Al Gore and First Lady Hillary Clinton reported. Suggestions that Mrs. Clinton may run for the New York Senate seat reported.

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Program Time:05:30:30 pm - 05:38:50 pm. Duration: 08:20
Record Number:386081
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Reporters:Pelley, Scott; Rather, Dan; Schieffer, Bob
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