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FNC Evening News for
Friday, Mar 05, 2004

Headline: Stewart Trial / Verdict


(Studio: Shepard Smith) The guilty verdicts on all four charges for Martha Stewart and her former broker Peter Bacanovic†† in the trial relating to her sale of ImClone stock reported. [US attorney David KELLEY†- says the victim in this crime was the entire American public.] [Stewart’s lawyer Robert MORVILLO†- says he is confident that the case will be overturned in appeals court.]

(New York City: Jamie Colby) The sentencing phase in the Stewart case examined; details given about the length of possible jail time and Stewart’s planned appeal. [Juror Chappell HARTRIDGE†- comments on the evidence concerning Stewart’s cover-up.]

(New York City: Dagen McDowell) The financial fallout from Stewart’s conviction featured; details given about the effect the verdict had on her company’s stock and the long-term problems created because of her conviction.

Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Program Time:06:01:10 pm - 06:05:40 pm. Duration: 04:30
Record Number:769078
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Reporters:Smith, Shepard; Colby, Jamie; McDowell, Dagen
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