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ABC Evening News for
Wednesday, Apr 27, 2005

Headline: Airplanes / Jumbo Jet


(Studio: Charles Gibson) The first flight for the Airbus A380 noted.

(Washington: Lisa Stark) The rivalry between aircraft makers Boeing & Airbus examined; scenes shown of the giant Airbus taking off. [Airbus test pilot Jacques ROSAY†- praises the plane.] [Airbus employee Deiter MUELLER†- says Boeing's monopoly is over.] [Airbus North America Holdings chairman Allan McARTOR†, Boeing marketing vice president Randy BASELER†- offer differing opinions on the A380.] [Teal Group aviation analyst Richard ABOULAFIA†- talks about Boeing performance in the middle market.]

Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Program Time:05:36:20 pm - 05:38:50 pm. Duration: 02:30
Record Number:788350
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Reporters:Gibson, Charles; Stark, Lisa
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