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CBS Evening News for
Friday, Apr 04, 1969

Headline: King Memorial / Memphis


(Studio) 1,000's march in city where Dr. Martin Luther King died 1 year ago.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(Memphis, Tennessee) 8,000 file past Lorraine Motel and past City Hall. Reverend James Lawson acts to prevent panic when tear-gas released after group of blacks, not with orderly marchers, break windows. [LAWSON - orders crowd to stay still.] Negro youth wounded. Curfew set up. Reverend Ralph Abernathy introduces Senator Edward Kennedy. [KENNEDY - commends work of King. We've failed to keep our vows of year ago.] Abernathy calls for free food stamps, uniform national welfare program, and government price controls.

Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Program Time:00:00:20 am - 00:03:40 am. Duration: 03:20
Record Number:203380
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Reporters:Cronkite, Walter; Rabel, Ed
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