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Good Morning America (Salt II Signing)

Headline: Good Morning America (Salt II Signing)

Date:Jun 18, 1979 (Monday)

  • Live footage of ABC news program Good Morning America, notable for it's coverage of the SALT II signing, hosted by Hugh Downs and Sandy Hill. With reports and analysis from Steve Bell, Ted Koppel, Charles Bierbauer, Catherine Mackin, Barrie Dunsmore, Tom Jarriel, and Erma Bombeck.
  • Featuring live footage of Presidents Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev signing the SALT II treaty.
  • Featuring live footage of interviews with Senators John Tower and Gary Hart, William Hyland, and William Evans.

  • Broadcast Type:Special Program Segment Type: News Content
    Program Time:07:00:00 am - 07:58:50 am. Duration: 58:50
    Program Headeryes
    Program Length58:50 (Entire broadcast)
    Video Begin:: am
    Record Number:659024
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    Anchors: Downs, Hugh; Hill, Sandy
    Reporters:Bell, Steve; Koppel, Ted; Bierbauer, Charles; Mackin, Catherine; Dunsmore, Barrie; Jarriel, Tom; Bombeck, Erma
    Participants:Brezhnev, Leonid
    Carter, Jimmy
    Tower, John
    Hyland, William
    Evans, William
    Live Video? yes
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