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Good Morning America

Headline: Good Morning America

Date:Apr 25, 1980 (Friday)
  • First Hour of:
  • Live ABC morning news program "Good Morning America," notable for its coverage of the failed rescue attempt of the hostages, hosted by Steve Bell and Joan London. With reports and analysis from Ted Koppel, Sam Donaldson, John McWethy, Peter Jennings, Greg Dobbs, Bob Dyk, Jules Bergman, John Scali, John Coleman, Lou Cioffi, Jack Smith, and Bill Siemens.
  • Live footage of interviews with Henry Kissinger, Richard Hermening, Senator Henry Jackson, Dorothea Morefield, Louisa Kennedy, and Dr. Shahram Chubin.
  • Taped footage of interviews with Louisa Kennedy, Kenneth and Barbara Timm, Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, Chaim Herzog, and Mickey Gordis.
  • Taped footage of statements from President Jimmy Carter and Senator Edward Kennedy.
  • Tape ContentsBell and London preview program; Koppel re: abortive rescue attempt has left 8 U.S. military men dead, Carter's statement [7:00:00-7:01:10]
    Donaldson (from White House) re: more on Carter's statement, including his reassertment that he hopes the hostage crisis end diplomatically, possible political repercussions for Carter; Koppel re: reports from Iran on situation, Ghotbzadeh's recent statement [7:01:10-7:03:40]
    McWethy (from State Dept.) re: details on failed rescue attempt, mood at State Dept and White House [7:03:40-7:05:00]
    Koppel interviews Kissinger re: effect failed rescue attempt will have on chances of getting hostages out [7:05:00-7:06:10]
    Jennings (from London) re: reaction from U.S. allies to news of rescue attempt [7:06:10-7:07:20]
    Dobbs re: reaction from Kennedy to news of rescue attempt, with footage of interview with Kennedy [7:07:20-7:09:20]
    Dyk (taped) interviews Timms re: reaction to news of rescue attempt; Koppel re: gold and gas prices up; London comments [7:09:20-7:11:30]
    commercials [7:11:30-7:13:50]
    more footage of Dyk interviews of the Timms [7:13:50-7:18:30]
    Bell interviews Hermening re: reaction to Timm's interview, reaction to failed rescue attempt, own suggestions on resolution of crisis, Carter's performance [7:18:30-7:23:00]
    commercials [7:23:00-7:25:00]
    Bell interviews Jackson re: reaction to failed rescue attempt, issue of no Congressional consultation, reconciling need for US to portray 'tough' image, while also needing to be diplomatic [7:25:00-7:29:00]
    commercials [7:29:00-7:30:10]
    Bell and London recap news of aborted rescue attempt; Koppel recaps news from top of hour, with footage of Carter statement and Ghotbzadeh interview [7:30:10-7:34:00]
    Bergman (taped) re: inside details of rescue mission [7:34:00-7:35:20]
    Scali (from State Dept.) re: reaction to rescue attempt from US allies, reaction to Ghotbzadeh interviews from State Dept.; Koppel re: reaction from Bush and Anderson to rescue attempt, Mondale to cancel campaign trip, Cuban refugess arrive in FL, update on Bogota embassy hostage [7:35:20-7:38:00]
    commercials [7:38:00-7:40:00]
    Coleman with weather [7:40:00-7:41:20]
    commercials [7:41:20-7:41:50]
    London interviews Morefield re: initial reaction to news of failed rescue attempt, if Carter should be in charge of hostage situation, own feelings on what should be done to get hostages released, including sanctions [7:41:50-7:46:30]
    commercials [7:46:30-7:48:30]
    Bell re: family members of hostages in Europe to urge US allies join in sanctions of Iran; Jennings interviews Kennedy re: reaction to aborted rescue attempt, reaction in Europe to rescue attempt, if this will affect communication with hostages (network problems) [7:48:30-7:56:10]
    commercials [7:56:10-7:58:10]
    Bell and London sign off to some of audience; commercials [7:58:10-8:00:00]
    Broadcast Type:Special Program Segment Type: News Content
    Program Time:07:00:00 am - 08:00:00 am. Duration: 01:00:00
    Program Headeryes
    Program Length60:00 (Entire broadcast)
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    Record Number:656862
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    Subjects:Iran hostage
    Anchors: Bell, Steve; London, Joan
    Reporters:Koppel, Ted; Donaldson, Sam; McWethy, John; Jennings, Peter; Dobbs, Greg; Dyk, Bob; Bergman, Jules; Scali, John; Coleman, John; Cioffi, Lou; Smith, Jack; Siemens, Bill
    Participants:Kissinger, Henry
    Kennedy, Louisa
    Timm, Barbara
    Timm, Kenneth
    Hermening, Richard
    Jackson, Henry
    Ghotbzadeh, Sadegh
    Morefield, Dorothea
    Kennedy, Edward
    Chubin, Shahram
    Herzog, Chaim
    Gordis, Mickey
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