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CBS Evening News for
Sunday, Jul 24, 1977

Headline: Utes and Comanches Make Peace


(Studio) Chiefs of Ute and Comanche Indians gather along Los Pintos River in southwest Colorado to finish peace pipe ceremony interrupted by bullet 100 years ago.
REPORTER: Morton Dean

(S. Ute Reservation, Colorado) Utes and Comanches had fought off and on for nearly 100 years; then chiefs began talking peace in 1870's. Ute and Comanche chiefs led tribes to powwow in west Texas panhandle to end fighting. During ceremony shot was fired and, fearing ambush, 2 sides fought. This wkend., tribes gather on south Ute reservation to carry out wishes of ancestors, remembered because of legends passed down through both tribes. [Ute cnclman. Edward BOX, Senior bothered him to realize legends might be forgotten by young people of tribes.]
REPORTER: Sharron Lovejoy

Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Program Time:05:04:10 pm - 05:06:30 pm. Duration: 02:20
Record Number:253303
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Reporters:Dean, Morton; Lovejoy, Sharron
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