Request a Loan from the Collection

All items in the Archive are available to the public through a loan service. All loans are delivered digitally via To comply with the terms of the copyright law, collection materials are considered a loan. All loans in automatically expire after 30 days. Loans may be renewed for one 30-day period. A service fee is charged to cover the processing of the loan.

How to order


All loans are delivered digitally via We currently loan H.264 MP4 video formats, typically 720 x 480-pixel dimensions, with an overall average bitrate of 4000kb/s.


Duplications will give you a complete evening news program for a given network on a specific date. Other holdings in our collection such as specific programs (e.g. Nightline, 60 Minutes or Face the Nation) and reports on specific events (e.g. speeches, hearings, or live events) can only be requested as Duplications.

The fees charged for duplications depend on the user's affiliation. Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff are charged $25.00 per half hour. Those users associated with an educational institution, the duplication rate is $50.00 per half hour. The charge is $100.00 per half hour for all other users not affiliated with an educational institution.

Compilations are produced from specified news clips from the nightly news shows. To request a compilation, use the TV News Search interface to select items from the network evening news programs. A compilation is labor intensive to process and therefore more expensive to produce.

The fees charged for compilations depend on the user's affiliation. Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff are charged $12.00 per clip. Those users associated with an educational institution; the charge is $17.00 per clip. The charge is $27.00 per clip for all other users not affiliated with an educational institution.

Creating a Video Loan Request

For more information about creating a video loan request, please review our tutorials.

Method of Payment

Payment must be received before any order can be processed. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover), a university-issued purchase order, or by check. We cannot accept company purchase orders.

Processing Your Request

Duplications and Compilations are generally processed within 5 business days of your request, presuming a small order and a normal workload at the Archive. Large orders will be processed as rapidly as possible and may take longer. Loan request are not processed on weekends, federal, and university holidays. In situations where there is a problem with a duplication or compilation, the remainder of the request will be sent. The user will receive an email explaining the problem. Additionally, the email will ask if the user prefers to wait for the problem to be resolved or if they would prefer a replacement duplication or compilation.

Terms of Use

Copyright Public Law 94-553 includes provisions effective January 1, 1978, regarding copyright of audiovisual works and archiving of television news broadcasts.

We do not sell the videos nor license their content. Duplicating or republishing all or a portion of borrowed content may be a violation of copyright laws. Because of the stipulations in copyright legislation, all transactions of the Vanderbilt University Television News Archive are loans from a library. The loan period is thirty (30) days. If you are unable to retrieve your loan, your loan will be reissued within sixty (60) days of your loan request, at no additional fee. If the original thirty (30) day lending period has expired, an additional thirty (30) days will be extended. If your loan was not retrieved within this sixty (60) day period, VTNA will not reissue your loan.