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The Vanderbilt Television News Archive offers a premium content product to sponsoring educational institutions.

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Benefits of Sponsorship

The Sponsorship provides online access to thousands of hours of NBC and CNN news broadcasts. Students, faculty and staff associated with sponsoring colleges and universities are able to view the Archive's collection of NBC material, ranging from August 5, 1968 to the present and CNN broadcasts beginning in 1995. Current material is not available until at least 72 hours after the original broadcast.

Sponsoring colleges and universities gain access to the full database of over 1,000,000 news abstracts and catalog records. Individuals associated with a sponsoring college or university access the Archive's full database through convenient IP authentication. Individuals not associated with sponsoring colleges or universities are required to complete a registration form before searching the database.

The cost of sponsorship varies according to the size of the college or university. Discounted pricing, as reflected in the fee structure, has been made possible through the Archive’s arrangements with consortia. Visit the Sponsorship Application page to view pricing information and apply for a sponsorship.

Sponsoring colleges or universities will need to sign a Support License Agreement.

Your Support is Needed

Paid Sponsorships provide support to the Archive necessary for it to continue its important work. The Vanderbilt Television News Archive continues to serve as the only comprehensive off-air archive of the news broadcasts of the U.S. national television networks.

Trial Sponsorships Available

Trial sponsorships are available upon request. Please contact us if you would like more information.